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In Thesis

By Steven Burrows

Midterm Critique Feedback

On 06, Mar 2014 | No Comments | In Thesis | By Steven Burrows

Leister —

  • A good amount of progress has been made and the topic is interesting.
  • The motion graphic piece needs a stronger ending. Talk about what the workshop will do for them.
  • Consider self-esteem as a major factor in motivating people. How can this be used in my workshop?
  • Have designers also look at the Experiment case-studies (in addition the the scientists) to see if they can also guess which ones were funded correctly. This will test if designers have an eye for projects that might be funded successfully more so than scientists (or not?!)
  • The process book in progress: the type is too big and too crowded. Test print everything!

DeLevie —

  • The research is a lot more concise and heading in the right direction as compared to proposal time.
  • I was more articulate about my subject this time.
  • Review the videos from Narrative Class regarding telling a story using the Hero’s Journey model.
  • Lots of work still needs to be done for deliverables, but the direction is good.


Vermilye —

  • The voice over needs to be really good for the final motion piece. The speaker must have rhythm and enthusiasm.
  • How well I can tell the story of my own research process is very important when I defend my thesis.